January, 2017

To kick off this new year of positivity, I am participating in a No-Spend challenge.

The goal? To spend as little as possible (though the main goal is zero) on unnecessary items for the month.

Here are the rules I am playing by:

1) No spending on clothes, electronics, books/games, etc. for the duration of the month. (If you feel you need *some* leeway, no more than $20 a week will be allotted. We’re learning to cutback, but sometimes baby steps are better than nothing.)
2) Bills, gas for vehicles and medication/medical visits are counted towards essentials, so they are allowed.

3) If you have a birthday, anniversary or any other event gifts are needed, those are also allowed within the budget.

That’s it! I hope you all give this a go and see how far you can take this, and what money you’ve gained from this. Are you planning on putting into savings, a vacation or paying off debt? 🙂

Happy New Year ’17!

Happy 2017 everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with this (up until now) dormant blog, and I believe I want to use it more for showcasing my journey into achieving dreams, and getting back to basics.

Too much we as a people focus our day-to-day life like lemmings trying to get the extra dollar, or trying to “one-up” our neighbors by getting the latest and greatest gadget or car, and not enough on the simpler moments that we miss in the hustle and bustle.

2017 will be the year that we step back, and discover there’s more to life than just the Jones’.

New Life Direction for ’17

With my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, this new decade of my life will be set in a new direction. What is this direction you wonder? A Business owner. 🙂

Today begins the new journey of getting my idea off of the ground & to fruition in early 2017.

Along the way, I will take you step by step of how I am getting things done, what it feels like, and how things have turned out.

If any of you are interested in anything particular during this time, let me know & I will for sure address it! 🙂

2016- Changing the way I live

So as of recently, life has been a bit stressful (left an old  job a few months back, started a new one, and am currently in the process of trying to start a family).

So in the process I have been yearning for a more simple, and less “rat-race” type of life. You know the life: work because you want to, not being up to your eyeballs in debt, & can relax and just enjoy things as they are.

So I have started simply: Add all extra money (except for $25) to a savings spot (whether it’s a jar in your home, or an actual savings account is up to you). Why? Because it will become a safety net if something happens to you and you cannot work, or if something happens and you have to make a high priced purchase (car broke down, you need to call a plumber, etc.), and will relieve you of the stress of trying to make things happen on little to no money. (I know you’re wondering about the $25. That is so you can have SOME kind of fun every week, whether it’s going to the movies or buying a new book.)

Think of it this way:

The 52 week savings plan everyone does starting every January. It’s the monetary value of the current week added to the pot (ex week 32, you add $32). By the end of the year you have painlessly saved over 1k.

Of course you can do whatever plan you want with whatever amount of money.

(Picture is credited to ahelicoptormom.com-Photo found via google images)

The point is, to make your life as simple and painless as possible to create the life you want.

Hate your job- look for another. Even a lateral move can be a good one, with a new environment and new friends to meet. Wish you could go on a vacation once a year? You can- just add up a little bit at a time.

It is all about perspective, and how much you really want something.

My advice for changing your life around? Start small. Write a list of five things you wish to change about your life, and three subpoints to how you are going to make it happen-and then go for it. It may take time, but if you put the effort in, you will be justly rewarded.

I wish you all the best, and I cannot wait to hear about your goals.

~ Elizabeth. ❤

Road to Motherhood (Update #1)

Today I am at the halfway mark of the ‘Two Week Wait’, the time between ovulation, and finding out officially if you are pregnant (or not).

I have to say the wait is a lot harder than I expected. Even with a crazy busy work schedule, it’s hard to not think about it at every available moment. The “What if?” questions, and the symptom spotting take such a hold on emotions that it does become hard to not obsess.

With a week to go, I figure I’m just going to relax and let what will be, be. I figure, at this stage there’s nothing I can do to change anything, so why stress? There’s only six days left in the cycle, so I’m just going to not stress and obsess, and instead take on a new hobby and stay away from baby related things (until it’s time to actually test).

How about you ladies? How did you make it through your Two Week Wait period?

~ Elizabeth ❤

The Road to Motherhood

In life, there are fewer challenges than that of becoming a parent. To be blessed with a son and/or daughter to take after the family name and to extend the bloodline.

My own journey has just begun. I am currently in the dreaded ‘Two Week Wait’ (TWW) in my ‘Trying to Conceive'(TTC) adventure.

I like many other women (and men) wish nothing more than to become a parent. To have that child to love and cherish, to teach them as they grow about the world he or she lives in, and to grow up to become something important in the world, and to make it a better place.

In this series of posts, I will be giving updates of how things are progressing along (and should I get a ‘Big Freaking Positive’ (BFP), I will absolutely share the next steps (wishes and dreams for whatever little one I will have been blessed with.

So stay tuned for the (hopeful) next chapter.

~ Elizabeth. ❤

Healthier Air Fresheners.

Hello everyone!

I have recently discovered a new line of air fresheners that work beautifully, AND are cruelty free!

This air freshener is powered by air, and has ZERO air toxins included.

What is it you ask?

Why… it’s METHOD’s Air Refresher!

I picked it up at my local Target for $3.99 ($4.99 on Method Home), and I have to say this is amazing! The scent is long lasting, and it feels fresh in the rooms that I use it in. The scent is not strong at all (I picked up the French Lavender), and does what it needs to do.

I like that it has a long lasting spray like traditional air fresheners, and it contains 6.9oz (pretty good size for the price).

This line includes the scents:
* French Lavender
* Pomegranate
* Beach Sage
* Fresh Clover
* Sweet Tangerine
* Wild Poppy

As a safety note, it can leave your hardwood floors a touch slippery if you use too much, so take note after you spray to be on the safe side.

~ Elizabeth.