Healthier Air Fresheners.

Hello everyone!

I have recently discovered a new line of air fresheners that work beautifully, AND are cruelty free!

This air freshener is powered by air, and has ZERO air toxins included.

What is it you ask?

Why… it’s METHOD’s Air Refresher!

I picked it up at my local Target for $3.99 ($4.99 on Method Home), and I have to say this is amazing! The scent is long lasting, and it feels fresh in the rooms that I use it in. The scent is not strong at all (I picked up the French Lavender), and does what it needs to do.

I like that it has a long lasting spray like traditional air fresheners, and it contains 6.9oz (pretty good size for the price).

This line includes the scents:
* French Lavender
* Pomegranate
* Beach Sage
* Fresh Clover
* Sweet Tangerine
* Wild Poppy

As a safety note, it can leave your hardwood floors a touch slippery if you use too much, so take note after you spray to be on the safe side.

~ Elizabeth.


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