The Road to Motherhood

In life, there are fewer challenges than that of becoming a parent. To be blessed with a son and/or daughter to take after the family name and to extend the bloodline.

My own journey has just begun. I am currently in the dreaded ‘Two Week Wait’ (TWW) in my ‘Trying to Conceive'(TTC) adventure.

I like many other women (and men) wish nothing more than to become a parent. To have that child to love and cherish, to teach them as they grow about the world he or she lives in, and to grow up to become something important in the world, and to make it a better place.

In this series of posts, I will be giving updates of how things are progressing along (and should I get a ‘Big Freaking Positive’ (BFP), I will absolutely share the next steps (wishes and dreams for whatever little one I will have been blessed with.

So stay tuned for the (hopeful) next chapter.

~ Elizabeth. ❤


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