Road to Motherhood (Update #1)

Today I am at the halfway mark of the ‘Two Week Wait’, the time between ovulation, and finding out officially if you are pregnant (or not).

I have to say the wait is a lot harder than I expected. Even with a crazy busy work schedule, it’s hard to not think about it at every available moment. The “What if?” questions, and the symptom spotting take such a hold on emotions that it does become hard to not obsess.

With a week to go, I figure I’m just going to relax and let what will be, be. I figure, at this stage there’s nothing I can do to change anything, so why stress? There’s only six days left in the cycle, so I’m just going to not stress and obsess, and instead take on a new hobby and stay away from baby related things (until it’s time to actually test).

How about you ladies? How did you make it through your Two Week Wait period?

~ Elizabeth ❤


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