2016- Changing the way I live

So as of recently, life has been a bit stressful (left an old  job a few months back, started a new one, and am currently in the process of trying to start a family).

So in the process I have been yearning for a more simple, and less “rat-race” type of life. You know the life: work because you want to, not being up to your eyeballs in debt, & can relax and just enjoy things as they are.

So I have started simply: Add all extra money (except for $25) to a savings spot (whether it’s a jar in your home, or an actual savings account is up to you). Why? Because it will become a safety net if something happens to you and you cannot work, or if something happens and you have to make a high priced purchase (car broke down, you need to call a plumber, etc.), and will relieve you of the stress of trying to make things happen on little to no money. (I know you’re wondering about the $25. That is so you can have SOME kind of fun every week, whether it’s going to the movies or buying a new book.)

Think of it this way:

The 52 week savings plan everyone does starting every January. It’s the monetary value of the current week added to the pot (ex week 32, you add $32). By the end of the year you have painlessly saved over 1k.

Of course you can do whatever plan you want with whatever amount of money.

(Picture is credited to ahelicoptormom.com-Photo found via google images)

The point is, to make your life as simple and painless as possible to create the life you want.

Hate your job- look for another. Even a lateral move can be a good one, with a new environment and new friends to meet. Wish you could go on a vacation once a year? You can- just add up a little bit at a time.

It is all about perspective, and how much you really want something.

My advice for changing your life around? Start small. Write a list of five things you wish to change about your life, and three subpoints to how you are going to make it happen-and then go for it. It may take time, but if you put the effort in, you will be justly rewarded.

I wish you all the best, and I cannot wait to hear about your goals.

~ Elizabeth. ❤


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