January, 2017

To kick off this new year of positivity, I am participating in a No-Spend challenge.

The goal? To spend as little as possible (though the main goal is zero) on unnecessary items for the month.

Here are the rules I am playing by:

1) No spending on clothes, electronics, books/games, etc. for the duration of the month. (If you feel you need *some* leeway, no more than $20 a week will be allotted. We’re learning to cutback, but sometimes baby steps are better than nothing.)
2) Bills, gas for vehicles and medication/medical visits are counted towards essentials, so they are allowed.

3) If you have a birthday, anniversary or any other event gifts are needed, those are also allowed within the budget.

That’s it! I hope you all give this a go and see how far you can take this, and what money you’ve gained from this. Are you planning on putting into savings, a vacation or paying off debt? 🙂


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