NaNoWriMo (Week 1 Update)

Today is November 8th, 2015. It’s been one week since I started #NaNoWriMo.

So how have I been doing you ask? Honestly, I’m even a little surprised at this number: 17,219. Yes, you read that correct. That’s on top of starting a new job, and getting other things done in my day to day life.

How do I feel? Motivated and Excited.
When do I feel I’ll hit the 50k mark? At this rate, probably the 24th-28th.

I’m still piecing things together (All together, I think I’m about 70k in for my entire book). This is a life goal of mine, to write an actual full length fantasy ‘quest’ novel.

I’ve got some other ideas rattling up top in my brain, trying to piece it all together. My only ‘complaint’ about myself in writing this, would be the fact that I can visualize things in my mind, but I cannot get the words out to properly describe it. So for now, I’m sticking with the bare bones to get the story in of itself written. Later on, I’ll go back and beef it up with pretty words to add both length and substance. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day…. and neither will this book. 🙂

If I can help any of you out, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll help you out the best I can.

Love you all, and I’ll see you in the next post. ❤
~ Elizabeth
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NaNoWriMo 2015

Hey everyone,

How is everyone doing with their #NaNoWriMo preparation? With it beginning in only two days, hopefully you all have made strong headway in creating new storylines (or updating/adding to a pre-existing story).

I myself, am continuing the story I’m already writing, but revamping it a bit. Instead of keeping it a straight forward fantasy story (ala LOTR), I’m adding a bit of a mystery spin to it (LOTR/Indiana Jones).

Should be interesting. I hope. 🙂

Anyway, what have you already decided upon, and what items have you purchased to prepare? I personally have armed myself with sticky notes, pens, notebooks, paper, my laptop (obviously), reinforcements (for the loose leaf), highlighters and index cards.

Instead of swords and bows/arrows, I just raided my dollar store for my ‘weaponry’. 😀

So I hope to see you all here during the month of November, and look forward to reading about your journey’s as well (both novel and real life).

~ Elizabeth

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So I received a message from WordPress here that I just celebrated my one year anniversary with them (yay!).

And this got me to thinking of how quickly time passes us by.  How many of us sit here day after day, after day wishing for things to be different? How many of us wish we had certain things in our lives, but ultimately do not go after them?

Why? Why would we do that to ourselves? For myself, I think this is my own personal wakeup call- to go after the things I wish for, and to go after my own personal dreams.

Whether it’s to build up your blog, write a book, learn how to tap dance, sing or draw, or even if it’s to work on Public speaking, why are we all wasting time, instead of pursuing our dreams and goals?

Let us start now. Not next week, not tomorrow or at the top of the month…. now. We’ll all thank ourselves later.

~ Elizabeth.

Full Moon, September 2015

Tonight is the Full Moon of September. It is also the Blood Moon. September

(Credit goes to

We are set to create our lists of actions, of how we are pushing forward to manifest our wishes from the new moon. It is upon these moons (regular full moon, blood moons, etc. as long as it is indeed a full moon), that we “check in” so to speak with ourselves, and the universe for what we are wanting in our lives.

It’s a moment to give thanks to our God/Goddess for what they have given us, and to put forth energies to continue our paths. It’s also a time to learn to let go of the negatives, and what you are hoping to remove from your life-anything that no longer serves a purpose. Things to “let go” of can be anything:

+ People (Relationships, attitudes, emotions, etc.)
+ Illness
+ Habits (Spending too much money, addictions,etc.)

Lastly, provided it’s not raining/snowing outside, Full moons are the perfect time to leave crystals, jewelry, tarot cards, rune stones, or any other divinity tools out to absorb the energies of the moon. The moon cleanses the energies and purifies for the days/month ahead.

Write what you wish to remove from your life on paper. You can either write it on strips to burn it, or simply write it in a notebook, and make your intent known this way. Light a white candle upon writing/creating these intents, and focus upon the flame.  Let the candle burn for as long as your session goes.
If you want to burn the papers to release your fears/life negatives, grab a bowl. Light the papers within the candle, and drop them into the bowl. Let the papers burn into ash. The papers will extinguish themselves. When your papers are all ash. Focus on them once more. Blow the ash out into the winds.

When you plan on retiring to bed, thank the Gods/Goddesses, and snuff out the candle. Mote it be.

I wish you all well tonight, and hope the negativity is cleansed from your life after this full moon.

I wish thee well,


Christmas Shopping

So I have already begun doing my Christmas/Holiday shopping for 2015!
So I figured I would come on here and discuss why I recommend doing your shopping so early.

So here we go:

I actually started doing my shopping so early about two years ago. By doing so, I have found that I had a much better holiday season, than when I waited until the “appropriate time”. I had less stress overall, and could enjoy being in the moment that comes with the Holiday season.

When you stress out, the little things fall to the wayside. Many times the feelings of joy this time of year is ignored, family moments (baking cookies with the kids, spending time with siblings, etc.) aren’t cherished and “lived in” because we’re too busy thinking of getting that great deal, or trying to come up with money in a shorter amount of time, and simply enjoying the beauty of the weather & decorations becomes a blur into the background.

I finished before Black Friday last year, and never enjoyed my season as much as I did then. It gave me a longer period of time to shop (easing up money concerns), and if I found some extra little things during the actual ‘shopping season’ then I considered that a bonus.

Meanwhile, I could really just enjoy…. being. THAT I believe is the most precious benefit of this idea. We can just rest and have a sense of calm in our lives for that brief moment.

Now, will you save a lot of money? That’s tough to say. Will you save money by shopping sales? Sure. But will it be Black Friday good? More than likely no. You can use coupons & stack with sales to get amazing deals, but they are more often than not rock bottom prices as you would get later.

The flip side? A) you give the gifts you actually were trying to get, and B) You can save a bit of your sanity & gain a sense of relief and calm.

This whole thing comes down to what you want more: Save money, or have a richer holiday season filled with memories that you really invested in. ❤

Thanks for reading & good luck with your shopping!


September No Buy, Week 1 Update

So it’s been seven full days of absolutely no shopping (other than the one purchase I made for cold medicine- which I don’t count because frankly I felt (and still feel) like I’m dying), and I have to say I am feeling really good, and positive about renewing and fixing my relationship with money, and learning how to live with less. Why? Too much stuff can make you feel claustrophobic, and actually lower your mood. Stress increased (both in having to care for your stuff, and realizing the extent of wasted money).

I’m sure by the end of this I will be “Jones-ing” to buy something, because 30 days of buying nothing is strict (I mean, no books for 30 days? Blasphemous).

I will admit to almost defeating myself in this challenge by going onto yesterday afternoon. I’m almost out of shampoo (though I do have others to use up), and was going to buy a new one, but had to stop myself because of the fact that I *do* have backups, so therefore the purchase would not have been justifiable.

Also, I realized because of this challenge the Elderberry Syrup will have to be put on hold until October (sorry, guys!). But this will give me a chance to revamp, and see if there’s anything else I could add to make it better! 🙂

So how are you all doing with the challenge? Are you joining in now, or have you started at the 1st like I did? If you are participating, what has been the hardest part for you? What are you planning on doing when this is over?

For me, It’s either going to be a LUSH haul…. or books. Or perhaps both? When this is over LUSH is bringing out their new Halloween/Autumn collection, so I will most certainly be loading up on the bath bombs, and perhaps a few other seasonal items to try. 😀

The next book I’m really thinking of picking up is “The Witches: Salem, 1692” by Stacy Schiff. Something about this book really intrigues me, and I can’t wait to pick it up (Release Date is 10/27/15).

So that’s really all I have been up to this week (as far as the challenge goes). Being sick & home from work kind of has put a damper on things. But as most things go, this too shall pass. 🙂

Elizabeth ❤

Topics of Interest

So I have been thinking about this little blog of mine, and have been coming up with new ideas of what to post (and to share), and was wondering what you all would like to see?

Are you interested in home decor? Are you interested in more food type of posts? Or do you like a little of both?

Anything of interest, leave a comment and I’ll try to get those up for you guys. After all, both reader AND writer should be on the same page.

Thank You for visiting,
Elizabeth. ❤